Devon Pony Access

Devon Pony Access is fairly self explanatory.

Devon is easy. Big county, look on a map. If something is inside the county boundary. it is in Devon. Simple.

Pony, frequently considered to be a small horse, but actually the horse is an overgrown pony. All ponies and horses are the same species. A mare and stallion can produce two foals, and if one grows to be 57 and a half inches tall at the withers, ie the top of the shoulderblades, it will be a pony. If the next foal from the same parents grows to be 58 and a half inches, it is a horse. So an overgrown pony is a horse.

Ponies and horses are all one species, Equus caballus. People are all one species, Homo sapiens. People vary in size, in shape, in colour and in character, but they are still all one species. Ponies and horses vary in size, in shape, in colour and in character, but they are still all one species.

You get regional variations, in cold climates, people are stockier and fatter as this gives better protection from the cold. In hot areas people are slimmer and lankier as this is better in the cold. You see the same regional variation in ponies. But the people, regardless of where they are born, or who their parents are, are people, and ponies are ponies.

Access. Access is in all directions. Access to ponies, access with ponies and access for ponies.

Access to ponies allows all those who would like to muck around with ponies, to muck around with ponies. People like ponies, ponies like people, this is about getting them together. Take ponies into towns, people come up and talk to ponies. It is hard to find anything simpler

Access with ponies. Ponies have provided all terrain access around the world for 5,000 years or so. Petrol engines have provided noisy, expensive all terrain access for the last century. The Bannedwaggon makes a 5,000 year old transport system safe and accessible to everyone. You may be stuck in a wheelchair, but a pony and a bannedwaggon can take you and your wheelchair anywhere, and you are the driver.

The Bannedwaggon works even if you aren’t in a wheelchair. It was designed for wheelchairs, but can be modified for those who don’t have them. The Bannedwaggon can take you anywhere, the Exmouth saltings round to Sandy Bay, round the tracks in Haldon Forest, roaming West Town Farm in Ide, or anywhere else you want to go. I have an orderly queue of wheelchair users who want to cross Dartmoor, on the Bannedwaggon with Obama.

Access for Ponies. Ponies want access to life.

700 ponies have been slaughtered on Dartmoor to feed the zoo animals. The traditional users of ponies and horses over the last 50 years have been the Gymkhana, and Horse Show crowd, Hunting, Show Jumping, Showing, Dressage, Polo, Racing, Carriage Driivng. All elite activities, all based round competition, and the concept of “breed”. But they don’t want the ugly, the wrong shape, the wrong colour. They believe in pure breeds, everyone the right colour, the right shape. Nobody with physical problems, inherited or the result of injuries. And with the credit crunch they don’t want to be bothered with animals that are less then perfect.

So 700 ponies are shot this year, because they aren’t pretty enough, or the right colour, or they limp a bit or …………

Competition takes twenty or fifty ponies and only wants the best, there can only be one winner.

Working ponies, and ponies have worked with people for 5,000 years, working ponies are judged on whether they can do the job. Obama, my pony visits schools and children love to scratch him, and he loves to be scratched. He doesn’t need to be the right colour, the right shape, it doesn’t matter if he limps. He is working, he wins, everyone wins. And so do all the others. The fast ones take the people who want to go fast, the slow ones, the people who want to go slow. 20 ponies, all different can all find jobs, but only one could win at a show.

So by giving ponies something to do, allowing them access to the working community, gives the ponies access to life.

700 ponies on Dartmoor have been denied access to life this year. How many more will die for being the wrong colour, or shape, or because they have nothing to do.

Devon Pony Access can give them loads to do,. Access for Ponies.

Access to life.


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