Bannedwaggon test drive.

Bex is the sixth wheelchair user in Exeter to drive one of my vehicles, but she showed impeccable timing, waiting for the Bannedwaggon to be ready. So many thanks to Ari, Damian, Agnete, Sarah and Sarah Piercey, all of whom had driven the rather dodgier variants, and all of whom will get a chance to drive the production version of the Bannedwaggon round West Town Farm at Ide, or on the beach at Exmouth, or at Haldon Forest, or across Dartmoor, or any of the locations that a pony and Bannedwaggon open up to those with limited mobility.

Today was a really quiet trip, just really a proof of concept, to take someone without pony driving experience, in a wheelchair, and get them to drive from the Quay, to the Double Locks and back, in safety, without fuss, without effort, just as another form of transport.

I was nervous as hell, because if you have put all the effort into anticipating everything that can go wrong, which is the essence of good design, you are not the sort of person who can be all blase and say, “I’m sure it’ll all be OK.”



Off the road and down the canal

Dawdling along.

Obama demanding a scratch at the Double Locks.

Heading back.

Crossing over the canal.

At the quay.

Still grinning.

Back in civilisation, or at least the Bookcycle warehouse.

Bex had fun, Obama had a nice stroll, nobody got stressed, the Bannedwaggon works.


8 Responses to Bannedwaggon test drive.

  1. Rebecca says:

    such a lovely way to spend a saturday morning!

  2. Jenny Williams says:

    Great Pictures,she looked a bit tentative at first but you can see she soon relaxed as her confidence grew…..well done Obhama!!!!!!

  3. Pauline (Becky's mum) and Geoff says:

    Bex really enjoyed herself; thank you for thinking of the safety aspects. The ‘photos illustrate what a great time she had!

  4. PiePony says:

    Beautiful photo’s of a beautiful young lady. Well done to all. xx

  5. sophie says:

    wonderful! congratulations! really looking forward to reading more about your progress, keep up the good work xxx

  6. Beth Hopton says:

    Excellent stuff guys …. i work with young adults and take a couple of them buggy riding withe the RDA ( riding for the disabled association ) and i see what a difference time out and access to this makes. …. really pleased to see this link. (cheers Sophie) Also i have a friend Kate who has her Hackney Carriage license for horse and cart and also works alongside people with disabilities …..
    Brilliant. nice going. x

    • Such a shame that Riding for the Disabled have spent 9 years trying to screw everything I have done. They wrote to me in 2001 to say they had never looked at any vehicle I had built, never looked at any piuctures or drawings and NEVER would.
      They have at least stuck to their word. People have tried to find me through RDA. One lady in Exeter, suffering from Post Polio syndrome, contacted RDA to ask about my vehicles. RDA head office puther in touch with Pegasus, in Canberra, Australia.
      I can only assume they are embarrassed to be using dangerous, outmoded systems, and hate the thought anybody might realise there is an alternative.
      Princess Anne has seen and been very complimentary about the Saddlechariot, shame that RDA don’t speak to their Patron. But then my experience is that they don’t speak to anyone.

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