Bannedwaggon Safe Access

Revolutionary Pony Access and the Bannedwaggon are inseparable. You can’t have Access, pony drawn, for all, across all terrain, unless you have a safe, wheelchair enabled, one man, all terrain pony drawn vehicle. The Banned-waggon is the only safe, wheelchair enabled, one man, all terrain, pony drawn vehicle.

Safety is the essential.

If I want to take people, in wheelchairs, across country, pony drawn, the first and only question that matters is safety.

Any novice wants their first attempt to be safe. The Banned-waggon and Revolutionary Pony Access have both been designed to allow complete beginners to gain experience in safety.

All the problems of a pony drawn vehicle arise from attaching a pony to the vehicle. Without a pony, the Bannedwaggon just sits there.

The Health and Safety Executive rightly insist that the first solution to hazards, is to remove them. The Bannedwaggon is designed to achieve this. If the pony does something stupid, or thinks of doing something stupid,or might do something stupid, the operator pulls a string, and releases the pony.

You no longer have a pony drawn vehicle, you have a vehicle sitting there because it’s automatic brakes have been engaged.

The pony will be wandering around, eating grass, or possibly heading for the horizon, hotly pursued by a lion, but that is not your problem.

Before starting, assess the environment to ensure pony safety. A reasonable fence and an absence of lions, is all you need.

If the pony does get onto a road, the risk is no worse than any horse that is being ridden on the road, whose rider might fall off, leaving a loose horse on the road. This happens every day.

The banned-waggon training principle is really simple.

If you are worried, pull the ripcord. This is true for all involved. The driver and any helpers. Any number of ripcords can be fitted to the Bannedwaggon and remote radio linked ripcords are an option.

The training is the same for a supervisor watching from a distance with a remote device, and for the complete novice driving the vehicle.

If you are worried, pull the ripcord.

It doesn’t matter why you are worried. The hazard is having a scared pony attached to the vehicle. If you are worried that it is scared, that it might be scared, that at some stage in the near future it will be scared or you just have premonition of problems, pull the ripcord.

You now have a safe driver, a safe vehicle and a loose pony.

Watch the pony carefully. It will eat grass. It won’t mug old ladies, chase cows and eat them or gang up with rabbits to rob banks. If you decide the reason you were worried has gone away, connect everything back up again and carry on.

You may have wasted two minutes. The skill needed is catching the pony, reconnecting the harness, steering in the right direction, persuading the pony that you want it to move, not just stand around eating grass. You can spend the rest of your life improving these skills in safety, because the only thing you need to learn to be safe is, if you are worried, pull the ripcord.

No “horsey” skill is needed for safety. No “eye for a horse”, no “man and boy” nonsense. You don’t need twenty generations of horsemen behind you. Somebody present needs to be able to remember, “If you are worried, pull the ripcord.” and to be prepared to do it.

There is loads to learn about horses and ponies, their behaviour is complex and frequently unpredictable, which is why I have designed a safety system which doesn’t require any horse or pony knowledge at all. That is why it is safe.

If the pony suddenly pricks it’s ears up, or sticks them flat backwards, or waves the left one in small circles while conducting Beethoven’s ninth with the right ear, don’t bother working out what is going on. Are you worried? if Yes, pull ripcord.

There are other hazards. But they are all conventional hazards to do with the location or the personnel. If you can take a group to walk across the terrain, you have the knowledge to assess taking the Bannedwaggon across. Cliffs and crevasses are dangerous etc.

The Banned-waggon takes all the skill out of making a pony drawn vehicle safe for complete novices.

Therefore introducing wheelchair bound complete novices to pony based activities is easy and safe.

And the system complies with best practice of the Health and Safety Executive.

And it is pure fun to drive, whether you are in a wheelchair or not.


One Response to Bannedwaggon Safe Access

  1. florayG says:

    Hmmm I see a problem – after you pull the ripcord you have to retrieve your pony – not easy in a wheelchair. Suggest lassoing lessons useful for lone wheelchair drivers….. 😉

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