Revolutionary Pony Acccess

Revolutionary Pony Access

Access with ponies.

Ponies can help those with mobility problems get to places they haven’t dreamed of. Wheelchairs on beaches, even in the surf. Wheelchairs up mountains, across moors, along river banks, through woodland. If a pony can go there, it can take you with it, safely easily and enjoyably.

Access to ponies.

People like ponies, that’s all people, everywhere. Revolutionary Pony Access takes ponies where people are, and lets you enjoy them.

Some simple rules.

No weapons are allowed. We don’t allow the ponies to bring any weapons, we don’t allow the people to bring any weapons.

No individual should deliberately frighten any other individual

No discrimination. People are people, homo sapiens. Ponies are Equus caballus, (horses are just tall ponies). We don’t ask people or ponies what faith they follow, who their parents are, what colour they are. We ask, would you like coffee or carrot.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves, that is people and ponies.

Access for those with mobility problems, and many of the activities, use the Bannedwaggon pony drawn vehicle. This is designed to be safe and easy for people and ponies. The Instant release system means if the pony is scared for any reason, the person in control can separate pony and vehicle.

The pony will go to where it feels safe, and then eat grass, or whatever is available. The Bannedwaggon will just sit there. We have watched ponies for years, and they run away from what scares them until they feel safe, and then stand around and eat. I have watched the Bannedwaggon for the last 6 months, and when left on its own it just sits there.

For those of an adventurous disposition, the Bannedwaggon has one interesting habit. If you stick it at the top of a steep slope, and take the brakes off, it rolls down to the bottom. With a tiller to steer the rear wheel, a crash helmet and motorcycle scrambling body armour, you are free to roll down any slope the pony is prepared to pull the vehicle to the top of. This does not brake our rules about deliberately frightening another individual, you are terrifying yourself, and that is entirely your business.

Anyone can drive a Bannedwaggon with a couple of minutes instruction, because we have a remote release system to ensure that if the pony is worried, it can get away. We care about the pony. You can worry about yourself. We also let you have a ripcord so if you are worried, you can let the pony go. So, if there is a problem, you let the pony go, and the vehicle will sit still, with you in it. How hard is that.

To get really good, and persuade the pony to do what you want, will take you the rest of your life, and even then, you will find the pony has trained you into liking what it wants to do. But you will still be having fun and so will the pony.

That is what Revolutionary Pony Access is about. People and Ponies and Fun.

Revolutionary Pony Access must be fun for people and ponies, it’s only fair.


Try looking at Devon Pony Access


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