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This is a discussion on the future of Wild Horses in the USA, and whether humane slaughter is a viable option. This is vitally important in the UK and Europe where we also have a surplus horse population, finacial problems, and horses and ponies being dumped. In the West Coutry, Wales and the North of England, and in Scotland there are feral horse populations. These are having major welfare issues.

Therefore the US discussion is relevant, and since the Summit of the Horse claims to want all sides, but scrubs out any dissenting voices, I want the discussion to happen somewhere, and here is as good as anywhere.

My personal position is simple. I see humane slaughter as the least worst option. I consider Temple Grandin to be the person most likely to develop a regulatory framework for humane slaughter, that will work.

I, and I am sure, Temple Grandin, would vastly prefer all animals to lead happy useful lives and end them without fear and with dignity, preferably surrounded by family and friends , with choirs of larks singing in the background.

But this is the real world. I prefer humane slaughter to animals living hungry, bored and depressed, with no future other than a long drawn out and miserable death. I prefer a happy fulfilled life etc to both of these. Humane slaughter is not good, it is the least worst, I think. What do you think?

Simon Mulholland.

  • Summit of the Horse

    December 1, 2010
    Mr. Bob Abbey
    Director, Bureau of Land Management
    Department of the Interior
    Washington, D.C.

    Dear Mr. Abbey,
    I read with great concern for the program at the upcoming “Summit of the Horse” and that you are noted as one of the speakers. While I recognize that you are obligated to reach out to a wide variety of constituents groups to seek input on the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, the cast of characters attending this event reads more like a who’s who of the pro-slaughter and anti-wild horse community.
    It seems that whenever the pro-agriculture groups dangle a dollar in front of individuals or outside groups, they automatically become equine experts, and are first in line to reap the economic benefits of the latest pitch. As a matter of fact, it’s the economics of grazing on public lands that has generated the issue with the overpopulation of wild horses in holding pens and the costs associated with that program. Suggesting giving more money to the pro-agriculture crowd as a solution to the boondoggle is misleading and is sure to fail as it will only create more issues with the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Since the BLM has openly stated that they will not engage in any attempt to euthanize or slaughter wild horses, it is even more interesting that you are participating in a discussion of exactly that issue with the pro-slaughter crowd.
    If the “Summit” participants were seriously concerned about what they refer to as the “unwanted” horses driving the demand for slaughter in this country, they would have to look no further than the boutique breeding industry in this country. We are producing somewhere in the range of 250,000 registry horses in this country every year. It is very hard to make the argument that the few thousand new wild horses born each year can match the numbers of breed horses contributing to the overpopulation of horses in this country. The answer to the “unwanted” horse population in this country is to ensure responsible breeding and responsible care, and not driving 10,000 wild horses each year by helicopter into a trap for removal.
    One only has to glance at the details of the program and the recurring reference to “feral” horses to understand what the intentions of this group are. I encourage you to read an article that ran in the Reno Gazette Journal recently stating that, “Modern horses evolved here and that’s an adequate reason to consider them a native American species and not ‘invasive’ or ‘introduced feral animals.”Perhaps you could share this conclusion with the participants at the forum. 

    I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you and others recently to discuss possible solutions to the problems that plague the Wild Horse and Burro Program. I am now engaged in a good faith effort, at a considerable personal cost, to work with BLM personnel in Nevada to develop a new model to keep and manage excess wild horses. As I told you then, leveraging private dollars and creating a pilot program to handle wild horses coming off the ranges in the Western U.S. takes us in a new, positive direction and offers a new vision for an applicable solution. I fear the group gathering at the Summit of the Horse is recycling many of the ideas and actions that have perpetuated the controversial problems we now see in the strategy to gather and hold our wild horses.
    I hope you will continue to engage with people of good faith who want to see the Wild Horse and Burro Program managed in a way that all the stakeholders, including the wild horses and their advocates, are content with and will have a say in the final outcome. I am always available if I can be of service in working on this issue for the betterment of all concerned.

    Madeleine PickensSee more

    4 hours ago ·
  • Aaron Kersey who is this ms. pickens lady anyway

    3 hours ago via Facebook Mobile ·
  • Billie Welty they have more money and land then GOD. her husdband might as well own Oklahoma State University. T boon Pickens.

    3 hours ago ·
  • Summit of the Horse Madeline Pickens is an Iraqi immigrant that married Well twice. Her first husband was Allen Paulson(Billionaire) and now T. Boone. She dresses up like a Native American Princess, which btw really makes all the Native Americans we know very angry.

    2 hours ago ·
  • Billie Welty i didnot know she was not from the USA.

    2 hours ago via Facebook Mobile ·
  • Teresa Coleman Myler Who cares where she’s from or how much money she has, she is advocating for good care and management practices for the wild horses and burros that are on federal (public owned) land. She’s doing a good thing. Aot of people are working towards the same goal- in different ways, let’s hope they get there soon for the sake of the animals.

    2 hours ago ·
  • Aaron Kersey so what is the summits position on the wild horses

    55 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile ·
  • Summit of the Horse All positions and views will be discussed and the position of the United Horsemen will come from that collaborative effort after the Summit.

    11 minutes ago ·
  • Summit of the Horse Teresa, Just pointing out the facts because someone asked.

    10 minutes ago ·
  • Billie Welty if mrs.Pickens would not of asket the BLM to pay her somuch per horse a year then they might of let here have her horse sanctuary. whitch was a very good idea I might add.But the BLM would never pay for horses they dont want to take care of anyway.

    5 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile ·

Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse The full program is out for the Summit with “Confirmed Speakers”. Go take a look and see what the agenda is.

Trent Loos is a farmer, rancher, and radio host with a special love for folks who lead the same life he has chosen. Trent is a sixth-generation resource provider, originally from Illinois but now in South Dakota, specializing in supplying seedstock to pork producers, and beef cattle. When he’s not b
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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Again Folks, this page is for the promotion of the event. Not for bashing the players involved. There are plenty of advocate pages where you can bash Sue, Dave and all others involved in making a difference.

Tuesday at 22:28 ·  

Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Read this Folks, this will tell you all you need to know about “Why” we fight for animal AG
Elsewhere on the Brownfield home page is a fascinating three-minute interview by Brownfield’s Ken Anderson with Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) President and CEO Wayne Pacelle. I want you to go listen to the interview and then come back and read my reaction to Pacelle’s “vehement” denial his organ
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    • Billie Welty parcelle is not in it for the animals HSUS is a joke, they make millions of dollars from donations and none goes towards shelters or rescues. It dose go to support animal rights groups that the FBI has deemed as terrorist groups. HSUS along with many VEGAN groups want to do away with animals all to gether. I mean all animals even your dogs n cats.

      29 November at 22:12 via Facebook Mobile · 7 peopleLoading… ·

Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Summit of the Horse blog – Canadian equine industry sets animal welfare standard for processing –

25 November at 02:29 via TweetDeck ·

Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Thank you to all who have joined our page, we hope the Summit will be the beginning of talks with all the diverse factions of the horse world that will enable us to reach common ground for the horses. Please suggest this page to your friends, we want people from all sides at the Summit!

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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Just 5 days after reaching the 400 “Like” mark, the Summit of the Horse Facebook page now proudly boasts 500 Likes!!!! Way to go!!! Keep inviting your friends!!!

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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Thank you Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine for making Temple Grandin speaking at the Summit of the Horse event one of your headline news stories!!

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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Summit of the Horse Blog – By taking part in the Summit of the Horse, you will be saving horses –

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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Hey folks we must be making an impact. Now the Crazy Anti-Fur people from D.C. are harassing us. All these groups work together and thats even more reason for our industry to stand strong.

22 November at 14:59 ·  

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    • Summit of the Horse Sue I deleted the attack from the Anti Fur people and we simply posted that fact.

      Wednesday at 21:34 ·
    • Robert Turner just a hug? hoopdalla!!!!!!!!!!

      Yesterday at 14:58 ·

Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Don’t take our word for it, see what the wildlife experts say about feral horse & burro impacting wildlife and habitat –

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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Summit of the Horse Blog – Help save the Sheldon mule deer, antelope, and big horn sheep from horse depredation –

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Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Thank you AgClips for making the Summit of the Horse event one of headline news stories!!

United Horsemen Announce 1st Summit of the HorseUnited Horsemen, an educational organization that implements humane and realistic solutions to the excess horse problem, announces the first Summit of the Horse event to be held Jan. 3-6, 2011 in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel. Sessions includ

Summit of the Horse

Summit of the Horse Check out the online catalog for the Billings Livestock Horse Sale Nov. 27-28 in Billings. We thank Bill and Jann Parker for being on the agenda of speakers for the Summit of the Horse and for their support and help in getting the word out!

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