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Mohamed Bouazizi, in memoriam.

As Egypt shuts down the internet and mobile phones, and tear gasses the masses, we should remember Mohamed Bouazizi. His courage, and his despair started this wave of revulsion at a system that requires people to acquire  permits to live. … Continue reading

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Obama, taking over the blog.

Simon doesn’t seem to like blogging and is perfectly determined to make this blog into a website, which, unusually, WordPress is rather good at, but Simon doesn’t like writing backwards, and isn’t a natural diarist. Since he has found a … Continue reading

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Student Protests

The Police have been setting an admirable example. To show what they feel, they corrall a group of students of a size they can control, and keep them in one place until they are sufficiently bored, cold, or have wet … Continue reading

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Controlling the Workforce

This is slightly confused, but then, who isn’t? It was going to be three different pieces but they sort of morphed.   How do you control your workforce? How do you make them work harder and faster, how do you … Continue reading

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In the cab of the Horsebox I am thinking outside.

Thinking outside the Horsebox is necessary, because the horse world is a mess. Foals fetching zilch at auction, rescue societies facing financial problems because in a rescession charity begins at home, and a horse establishment that is trying to restrict … Continue reading

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Bannedwaggon railway cutting 1

Driving the Bannedwaggon from wheelchair round West Town Farm Bannedwaggon railway cutting 1, posted with vodpod  

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Photos by saddlechariot, 19 Oct 2010 bannedwaggonwestown1, posted with vodpod

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