We need the Nobel peace Prize to be awarded to Julian Assange to prove to the Chinese, and others, that it isn’t only other people’s dissidents we respect. And it will be such fun watching the USA and the UK trying to persuade poor countries that rely on us for aid, that for them to attend a presentation to Assange, justifies us starving their citizens.
That’ll show the Christmas spirit.


Through its uncompromising reporting of the events in the Crimea The Times gained the respect of the public and achieved a standing never before reached by a newspaper. This did not come without cost. A significant section of the establishment accused the newspaper of providing information and encouragement to the enemy by publishing reports of the strength, situation and condition of the Army.

This was the response to one of the first, and one of the greatest, war correspondents of all times. William Howard Russell. Anyone see any similarities to anyone today?


May I s


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