Student Protests

The Police have been setting an admirable example. To show what they feel, they corrall a group of students of a size they can control, and keep them in one place until they are sufficiently bored, cold, or have wet themselves. If students avoided mass demonstrations but simply found Police cars and kettled them, by standing or sitting all round them, until the officers inside were bored, cold or had wet themselves, they would demostrate to the officers concerned just how effective this system is.
Educational for all parties, cheap, non violent, and the students will be able to show they are simply learning from their elders and betters.  I wouldn’t dream of recommending such a course of action, actually what the hell, I will recommend it. If it’s legal for the plod to do it to students, because they are legally protesting, it must be legal for students to do it to the plod. Feel free too come and kettle me if I am wrong.

Simon Mulholland


About saddlechariot

Revolutionary, believes everyone can enjoy ponies, and nobody needs a whip to do so.
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